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What are the long life benefits?

If you drink two an average sweet coffees a day. In 30 days you will take in approximately 480 grams of top quality natural honey, since you will eliminated approximately 390 grams of industrial sugar from your body

Medisimo is a blend of two honey varieties: acacia, a mild variety with a calming  effect and conversely chestnut, a strong bitter honey with beneficial effects on indigestion, liver and gallbladder. 

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Miroslav Mihaljević

There are those who will say that the only real coffee is black and short and without sweetener. I respect their taste, but as you, I do not agree – in fact I enjoy in creamy sweet and healthy coffee!

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"no sugar no cry"

Ana (24) volleyball player, Netherlands

"I introduced healthy honey in the daily diet in the easy way. I never forget a cup of coffee"

Janet, London

"Medisimo – Fantastic taste of coffee"

Marco (38), waiter, Italy

"Everyone in the office is drinking coffee with Medisimo"

Karla (40), Architect, Germany

Mihaljević BeeFarm 1959.

The Mihaljevic family has been beekeeping and producing honey for generations. Our bees, depending on the flowering season of the trees and meadows, migrate all over Croatia from Ilok to Dubrovnik. Interestingly, for such a small country, we have three climate types: Mediterranean, mountain and continental so we get 5 completely different types of honey.

Most of the honey is bought by 5 stars hotels in Zagreb and on the Adriatic coast such as: Sheraton Zagreb hotel, Esplanade Zagreb hotel, Westin Zagreb hotel, International Zagreb hotel, Palace Zagreb hotel, Falkensteiner Iadera Zadar hotel, Mozart Opatija hotel,...



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